Prescription Drugs with 70% Discount and without prescription

Prescription Drugs with 70% Discount and without prescription

Want to save money on your health costs? At a Canadian Online Pharmacy you can buy prescription drugs with 70% Discount and without prescription. But how? why? where? Relax… we will all discuss this in depth at this blog post and after you read this article all your questions are answered and soon you can join the revolution and save 100s of 1000s of dollars per year on your health costs, due to lower drug prices.

Why are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada?

Well because the big pharma has less of an influence in Canada. Secondly because the system is organized differently. Similar like in Europe there is a better organized system. However this is not the only reason. There is a big difference between generic drugs and brand drugs in terms of pricing, however not if you take the quality into consideration as this is exactly the same.

How much is the difference in price?

Well this can be up to 70% or even 80%! It is not for nothing that people who regularly take medications save 1000s of dollars per year by shopping at an Canadian Online Pharmacy like the ours. Let’s have an example to illustrate.

Let’s take and compare Viagra. In the United States you need a prescription to buy Viagra at your local pharmacy and then you are paying around 25 USD per tablet, however at our Canadian online pharmacy you are paying only between 1-2 USD per tablet, depending on the quantity of Viagra Pills you will order in the order. The more you buy, the lower the price per pill will be. ( quantity discount ).

Where to buy prescription drugs from Canada?

Well as you landed on our blog page, you are already very close! Pharmacy XL is one of the biggest, cheapest and best online pharmacy from Canada and in business since 2001 with many happy returning clients every day. However we are so confident about our service, quality and price that even on our own blog page we are happy to advise you a few other Canadian Online Pharmacies to visit so you can compare yourself our offering with the offering from our competition and we are 100% confident you will choose for us.

So firstly we advise you our online store at

Sconely we can advise you to try Canada Drugs at

Thirdly we can advise you to compare Jan Drugs at

However we are absolutely confident our offering is better, quality is better and service level is better. Feel free to try!


You now know how is comes that from Canadian Pharmacies the prices of prescription drugs ( rx drugs ) are much cheaper. You also have seen how much you can save and where. You also got a few online pharmacies to compare with ours. Now it is for you to decide which rx medications to order online and to see how much you can save. With our “coupon code” neu6Wt386N you can save another 10% on all 400+ Rx medicines.


Best Canadian Pharmacy

Top 3 Best Canadian Pharmacy

What is the best Canadian Pharmacy? That is probably a very popular question in many American Families as well as other families around the world. Why? Well because in Canada they have very good quality medications and customer service for reasonable and affordable prices. Compare that with ridiculous high drugs prices in America for example and you will understand why people looking up north for a Canadian pharmacy to purchase their prescription drugs or OTC drugs.

What makes a pharmacy great?

Let’s first put down the things people look for in a pharmacy ( read Canadian pharmacy )

  1. Affordable prices and most important, fair prices! We live in the 21st century and everyone understands other people need to earn money to earn a living. Similar like paying a fair price for a taxi, coffee or dinner in a restaurant people similar want to pay fair prices for medicines, so it is a win-win. In some Canadian pharmacies this is the case and personally our favourite is Pharmacy XL – which is an award winning online pharmacy in business since 2001 and has very low prices.
  2. Super customer service. Again here everyone likes to be treated friendly and having people behind the business with passion and who love their customers and walk the extra mile.
  3. Free Shipping. While most people don’t live in Canada ( actually did you know there only live 20 million people in Canada 🙂 ) most people need the medications to be shipped to them. While you can have cheap medications, if there is no free shipping then the price is still very expensive. We will select for you only the online pharmacies out there which have free shipping or even free global shipping as we think it is very important.
  4. Big inventory with a huge choice. Ofcourse low prices, friendly customer service and free shipping are not all, you also want that the Canada Pharmacy sells actually your specific medication! That’s why our selected canadian online pharmacy has over 450+ medications on stock, which is a pretty good number. Normally less is more, but with choice of medicines more is better obviously.

So what is the best Canadian Pharmacy?

Well obviously we will not discuss every local pharmacy in Canada here, as it doesn’t make sense for the audience. However we will discuss the best Canadian online Pharmacy here as it makes complete sense. There are so many online pharmacies out there, with different services, prices and some are good and reliable and some are not. Let’s make a top 3 here below:

  1. Pharmacy XL – the absolute number 1 online pharmacy from Canada with a super long history since 2001 and always low prices and super quality and great service. We use them ourselves and happy to advice this to our friends and family.
  2. Canada Drugs – a good number 2, even though they go through some rough legal problems caused by the big pharma.
  3. Jan Drugs – a good number 3 although the prices are higher and we are not convinced of their service. Feel free to try.



Hello world!

Welcome to our blog about Canadian Pharmacies, especially those operating online. Why? Because of the high drug prices and low quality drugs in many country, people are searching for solutions and Canadian online pharmacies are the best solution in both price and quality. Because we ourselves struggled many years in finding the right Canadian Pharmacy which actually is operating online too, we decided to help others and making a blog with experiences, questions and answers ( FAQ ) and tips and tricks to find the best solution for you, so you will be able to save money on your medicines, including rx drugs and supplements. We will regularly update this blog with interesting and relevant articles relating to the subject and hope many million people around the world can also start saving money on their health costs, similar like we do. Big hug, John and Marcella.